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Troubleshooting a leak test station can be troublesome at times.  A methodical approach will help to quickly identify issues.


Is there an '*' in the top right of the display?  Review for what the error code means.

The leak tester expects a momentary 24VDC pulse on pin 9 of the 12-pin connector.  If there is no error code then it is not receiving the signal

  • Is pin 12 connected to COMMON?
  • With a multimeter check the voltage when started across pin 9 and 12.  Is 24VDC seen?
    • Yes
      • Try extending the start pulse
      • Return the unit for service.  There is an issue with the optical circuit
    • No
      • Continue below
  • Give each wire a slight tug.  Are all wires secured?
  • etc.
  • etc.