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Leak Test Service & Support

Apart from our leak testing solutions and vibratory controllers, HKA offers a variety of related services to answer your testing requirements. We operate on an international scale and are happy to assist all our clients in system troubleshooting and product testing. Specifically, the services we offer include:

  • Service calls to troubleshoot, set up, and integrate our leak testing units with your equipment;
  • Custom fixtures to suit your applications;
  • Large and small scale product testing;
  • Lab testing to establish test cycles for specific parts;
  • Small volume production testing with traceability;
  • Repair and supply of spare parts for leak testing systems.

We are dedicated to delivering you the highest level of customer service. HKA Technologies has a team of specialists ready to assist you today.

Repair and Calibration

We offer certification services for flow and pressure and provide an NIST traceable certificate.  When certifying gages testing data, before and after, is also provided.

0 - 300 PSIG
0.00 - 15.00 PSIG

0.00 - 10.00 SCCM
0.00 - 5.00 SLPM
0.0 - 50.0 SLPM

Our extensive knowledge of leak testing enables us to quickly identify issues with your leak tester and provide an estimate for repair.  Our check out service also examines the leak tester's system response to ensure it is still operating nominally. 

Product Leak Testing

HKA offers our expertise in leak testing to provide the confidence in test data quickly.  With new parts or limited production builds more time may be spent setting up or troubleshooting a temporary fixture than is reasonable.  

Prototype leak test evaluation
Prior to full production a sample of prototype parts may be requested by your customer. HKA can test these parts using our extensive knowledge of temporary seal arrangements and fixturing.  Test data can be provided and parts can be marked if needed.

Third Party Leak Test Verification
HKA is happy to assist trouble shooting any leak testing application.  Our experience enables us the ability to quickly and efficiently identify, isolate, and correct issues.  With this we can offer peace of mind that your leak test application is operating as expected.

Limited Quantity Production Testing Including Service Parts
Due to a number of reasons it may not be possible or practical to test a limited number of parts in house.  HKA can either design a temporary fixture or utilize an existing one.  Parts can be marked a number of ways including direct part marking, labelling, mark qualifying, or marking by hand.  Data can be provided and correlated using serial numbers.

Machine Integrator Support

HKA can advise on model selection based on test criteria and provide engineering reports for cycle times if sample parts have been provided.  To help us please provide the leak specification at test pressure, required cycle time, previous proposed operation, and any required features such as communications port or data management.

Online Trouble Shooting

Take a look at our online FAQ and Error Code List to quickly remedy any issues!

If the leak tester is connected to the interenet, connectivity allows encrypted and protected remote access to leak tester from either your desk or HKA to assist in troubleshooting.