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Engineered Leak Test Solutions

Complex production requires complex testing solutions. At HKA Technologies, we have an engineering team with years of experience in reliable turnkey solutions that ideally match the specific requirements of our clients. From creating custom CAD designs to fabrication – our aim is to make sure you get the best product testing system possible. Most of our fabrication is done on-site for additional quality control. Some of the solutions we have designed include:

  • Test stands incorporating both high pressure proof testing and standard leak testing capabilities;
  • Test fixtures for integration for small valves with volumes less than a cubic inch;
  • Systems capable of testing whole car exhaust systems with volumes in excess of a couple cubic feet;
  • Test stations for difficult components requiring CNC'd tooling or exceptionally thermally active parts;
  • Feature rich test stations including robot assisted loading and unloading, direct and indirect part marking, full traceability with verification, and more.

HKA clients benefit from our expert knowledge, as well as advanced materials and sealing methods that we have tested throughout the years. To learn what our team can do for you, give us a call today.

Manual Test Fixtures

Manual fixtures rely on the operator to load and clamp the part to be tested.  These fixtures can be part of a stand-alone or semi-automated test environment.  Typically low-cost and used in low volume production.

Automated Test Fixtures

Typically designed around sample parts or CAD part data, pneumatic cylinders seal a part for testing and can include poka-yoke checks.  Parts are typically stamped either with a physical mark, ink, or paint if all checks and the leak test are good.  An air manifold and multi-connector cable can facilitate quick changing of multiple fixtures in a stand.

Basic Leak Test Stands

Limited motions are controlled by the leak tester 'In Test' signal and relay logic to drive controls.  Limited safety capabilities usually rely on minimizing clearances and at most including two-hand anti-tie-down start controls. Typically additional traceability is not included and data resides on the leak tester as test results with a date and time stamp.

Advanced Leak Test Cells

Typically these stands or cells have full traceability collected by a PLC or PC.  Results get assigned a serial number and stored for future reference.  The serial number, and any other required pieces of data, can be sent to any marking or printing appliance.  Depending on the controllers capabilities, 1D or 2D barcodes can be generated for labels or direct part marking.

Additional process metrics can also be collected and any KPI or OEE statistics can be presented as the customer requests.